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The Trisha Brown Dance Company enthusiastically partners with Bard College—an institution that recognizes and exemplifies the collaborative nature of Trisha Brown’s work. Beginning in Fall 2015, TBDC will engage in an extensive, two-year residency that includes teaching, educational licensing projects, master classes, full-Company production residencies, and public performances.

Over four semesters TBDC will cultivate a curriculum that embodies the artistic practice of its Founding Artistic Director, Trisha Brown. This will include courses in dance technique and composition, ultimately incorporating interdisciplinary studies with other forms including music and the visual arts. Each year, students will learn repertory for public performance.

TBDC will host full-Company residencies for one–to-three weeks per year at the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts. During these periods, TBDC will offer additional engagement initiatives including open rehearsals and master classes, bringing students and community members closer to Trisha Brown’s work.

The partnership between Bard College and Trisha Brown Dance Company comes at a pivotal moment for the Company. As TBDC finishes the three-year international tour of “Proscenium Works: 1979-2011”, the Company is launching its innovate, site-specific performance model entitled Trisha Brown: In Plain Site. This new model draws from over 40 years of Trisha Brown’s repertory and places it into close proximity with the audience, freshly re-thinking Brown's work and finding unexpected ways to share its genius. On September 18, 2015, TBDC will present a performance of Trisha Brown: In Plain Site on the campus of Bard College at the conclusion of the Company’s weeklong residency, ultimately extending the partnership beyond the classroom and into the greater Bard College and Hudson Valley community.

Trisha Brown Dance Company (TBDC) is a post-modern dance company dedicated to the performance, and preservation of the work of Founding Artistic Director and Choreographer, Trisha Brown. Founded in 1970, TBDC has toured throughout the world presenting the work, teaching and building relationships with audiences and artists alike.

Brown engaged collaborators who are themselves leaders in music, theater, and the visual arts, including visual artists Robert Rauschenberg, Donald Judd, and Elizabeth Murray, and musicians Laurie Anderson, John Cage, and Alvin Curran, to name a few. With these partners, Brown has created an exceptionally varied body of work, with premieres and performances for NYC audiences and international counterparts.

When Brown retired as head of her Company in 2013, the Board appointed longtime Company members Diane Madden and Carolyn Lucas as Associate Artistic Directors with the mandate that they present her dances in a variety of spaces, indoors and out, proscenium and alternative; develop, deepen and expand the Company’s educational initiatives; and treat the Company’s archive as a living organism to be used to better understand her work, in particular, and dance in general. 

The Company is currently in its last year of its three-year Proscenium Works, 1979-2011 tour, which has toured to over 50 major national and international locations, with performances throughout Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and within the United States to California, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin, Washington as well as New York.

In addition, TBDC has devised a new way to experience Brown’s vast repertory by placing it into unconventional sites. “Trisha Brown: In Plain Site” is currently touring alongside the “Proscenium Works, 1979-2011” tour, and will continue to tour nationally and internationally in 2016 and beyond. Working closely with the presenter, the Company creates a specific program for the venues or sites they select, adapting Brown’s broad range of works into a site-specific performance experience. Special focus is put on the audience engagement at each venue, breaking down access barriers, and providing a more intimate experience to an audience that includes families and people less familiar with modern dance.

Trisha Brown


Trisha Brown (Founding Artistic Director and Choreographer) was born and raised in Aberdeen, Washington. She graduated from Mills College in Oakland, California in 1958; studied with Anna Halprin; and taught at Reed College in Portland, Oregon before moving to New York City in 1961. Instantly immersed in what was to become the post-modern phenomena of Judson Dance Theater, her movement investigations found the extraordinary in the everyday and challenged existing perceptions of performance. Brown, along with like-minded artists, pushed the limits of choreography and changed modern dance forever.